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COVID-19. Meetings have been suspended until further notice.

The Ladies Group meet on the first Wednesday of the month, 10.30 in High Ham Village Hall
New members are always welcome - if you are interested in joining us, please email Val Wells-King or phone 01458 251128 for further information

Our group was formed after the closure of the Women's Institute. We all felt it would be nice to continue meeting up. Less formal than the WI, we welcome suggestions from members for speakers, visits or other activities, so that everyone has a say in the year's programme. 

March 2020 A very useful talk by Trudy Zimmer, our Nat West Community Banker.  Trudi gave all of us a lot to think about to ensure our protection from fraud by phone, email, websites, doorstep etc. Those who thought they knew it all and were a step ahead of the criminals, found they didn't and were taking close notice of the advice given. Trudy can offer you advice, whether you are a Nat West customer or not: 07920 414030  or Trudy.henderson@NatWest.com. If there is one thing you can do to protect yourself -  visit the website Have I Been Pwned  (a safe site)  if your email address/passwords have been compromised - you may decide then to reset the passwords/change your email address.

February 2020 We had a talk about Dementia support  by Jane Dalrymple. It was very interesting, and pertinent to some of us who are caring for, or know, someone with this distressing condition.  We are all living longer, so it seems, so this might be something we should be aware.

January 2020


December 2019 Mary Scriven arrived at the village hall laden with winter greenery and everything that the 20 Ladies might need to create their Christmas arrangement. By noon the hall was full of lovely arrangements and the remnants of the festive refreshments. Thanks Mary for a productive and enjoyable morning. Thanks to Margaret Cox for the photos.


November 2019  Mike Brown, someone many know as the first owner of The Smokery at Hambridge and authority on all things eel-related, entertained the Ladies with his story of how, in his early 20s, he trod the pilgrim route Camino de Santiago. Mike held his audience from start to finish with his evocative descriptions of the landscape he travelled through which, unlike today, was not signposted and with few places to stay overnight. Mike conjured up the sights, sounds, smells of his journey, punctuated with scraps of Spanish and French as he retold some of his conversations he had with the locals. Thanks Mike for an entertaining morning.

September 2019  Ian Wilkinson returned to the Ladies Group to give an illustrated report of his latest fundraising for St. Margaret’s Hospice - a 3-day trek through the tea plantations of Kerala, India. Ian described, with humour, the highs and lows of travelling in rural and urban India - an informative and entertaining talk. Prior to the trek, 2 days were spent volunteering in a children’s cancer centre, and after, a visit to the Taj Mahal, followed by the cities of Delhi, Jaipur, Agra. Ian and his fellow trekkers raised a net total of £66,000 for the hospice. October 3rd meeting is an Open Meeting with entertainment from the Somerton Ukele Group.

August 2019  Wednesday 7th. Despite the forecast for rain, High Ham Ladies had the pleasure of cruising on the River Parrett onboard the Duchess of Cocklemoor. With so many wanting to join the cruise, two trips were offered and filled. Thanks to Margaret Cox for organising. Thanks also to the 2 members of crew and Skipper Ian Macnab. It was a pleasure cruising in near silence as the boat is solar powered, and seeing Langport from a different viewpoint, and stretches of bank that some of us walk  frequently on the Langport Monday Health Walks.


April 2019 There was a very good turnout for Mike Kennett’s Informative and very entertaining illustrated talk ‘Advertising - Changing Social Attitudes’. The images of adverts and product packaging, that all of us recalled from tv, magazines, street hoardings, raised many memories, much laughter, and singing the Fairy Liquid advert... the now inappropriate car ads such as ‘Some day you’ll settle down with a nice, sensible girl’; ‘If it were a lady, it would get its bottom pinched’; and the OXO ad ‘Gives a meal man-appeal’, and the cigarette ad ‘Cigarettes are like women- the best ones are thin and rich’, reminded us how attitudes have thankfully changed!  Thanks Mike, and thanks to Cynthia for booking him.

Next meeting May 1st is the visit to Carymoor Environmental Cenre, Dimmer. If you wish to go, please get in contact with Val 251128.

February 2019  Ginny Smith gave a fascinating illustrated talk of the work of the 2 charities that distribute shoe boxes to a deprived community in Romania. Ginny has been helping the work of Blythswood Care and it Shoe Box Project, by collecting items that will go in the boxes that will be given to children: toiletries, gloves, hat and scarf, a cuddly toy, picture book, notebook, crayons, sweets etc. In 2018, after hundreds of filled boxes were clollectecollected at the Ilminster depot, Ginny and other volunteers, travelled to Vulcan in Romania to meet staff from the charity Aurora who distribute the boxes, and to discover the impact the Shoe Box Project has. Ginny was reassured to discover that the efforts of all involved in creating the boxes, is well worthwhile, that the boxes make a difference to the lives of so many. The High Ham knitters will be pleased to know their teddies, pencil cases, purses have reached Vulcan and being enjoyed.    

December 5th: 'Take Note' - musical entertainment

Nov ‘18 Sue Russell and 23 Ladies produced 23 Christmas gift boxes in this month’s craft session. The hall was, at times, unusually quiet as the Ladies concentrated on following Sue’s instructions to fold, squirt glue and press. Thanks to Sue for an enjoyable morning. 

Oct18 The Ladies were joined by husbands and friends at EDF Visitors’ Centre in Bridgwater for a security check and introductory presentation that gave astounding facts and figures that announced that Hinckley Point C Project (HPC) as the largest building site and project in Europe. Once at the site, and following another security check, the coach followed an intricate route through numerous self-contained building projects, each with its own workforce and machinery. It was almost too much to absorb as we heard more facts that described how the project uses: local businesses; a huge local workforce; offers new apprenticeships; provides new courses at Bridgwater College ... A fascinating visit that allowed us to see for ourselves what a mammoth project HPC is! Thanks to Margaret Cox for organising the trip.

Sept ‘18 Maggie Franklin, Somerton-based vet, gave a fascinating and entertaining talk about her  30+ years as a vet. She drew vivid pictures of her childhood experiences living on a farm, her training at Bristol, and some of her many ‘adventures’ when visiting farms in the depths of the Somerset countryside. Thank you Maggie - we all enjoyed listening to your story.

July '18 Janet Cook and Eileen Williams, old friends of Val, travelled to Somerset to show the Ladies their beautiful collection of quilts that they have made over many years. They explained how the quilts were pieced together and quilted - most by hand, rarely by machine. The designs are complex and exquisite. Some of the Ladies recalled their efforts to make patchwork quilts - some of them never finished! Maybe, inspired by the quilts shown, some might finally finish them, or even start a new one!


June '18 The Ladies gathered at Furlong Farm, Henley on a beautiful summer morning, guests of Joan and Frank Gibbs. Frank created a display of domestic, farming and military bygones for us to examine before having home-made cakes and coffee in the orchard. We then followed Frank on a walk through past ponds, woodland and a meadow rich in orchids, ragged robin and clover. We were introduced to Frank and Joan's calves and their mothers  -  a fascinating morning with lots of conversation in idyllic surroundings. Thank you Frank and Joan.


May '18 

ps. MAY 2nd visit to Carymoor Environmental Centre, Dimmer had to be cancelled due to circumstances at Dimmer. many thanks to Chris Cox for stepping in and giving a talk aboutfurther experiences in Jamaica.

April '18

Janet Seaton, Kelways official historian, and chair of Langport History Society, described the how the Kelways family started their business in 1851 and grew into a highly successful nursery selling plants, bulbs, seeds in the UK, USA, and the Empire. It was interesting to discover how the business became adept at promoting themselves using a trademark coat of arms (of dubious origin), catalogues that referred to royal patronage (again, dubious), that the many show medals awarded for their plants, articles...Kelways became justifiably famous for their new flower and vegetable varieties and, of course, their paeony, iris, delphinium varieties that are well regarded by gardeners today. Thanks to Janet's wide ranging researches, her illustrated talk of the history of Kelways encouraged many of us to think of our gardens, despite the never-ending rain!

March '18

Rupert Farthing from Carymoor Environmental Trust gave a fascinating illustrated talk about the Trust's work in encouraging young people to interact with wildlife and countryside, and how to live sustainably. We learned how the Trust's 100 acres started life 22 years ago as a landfill site, and how they have, with the help of volunteers and school children, created areas of wetland, woodland, meadows, hedgerows and scrub. The site is now a haven for wildlife and receives visits from schools and other educational and community groups. We were given a number of troubling facts about the how long it takes for man-made materials to degrade in landfill eg. cardboard 5yrs; disposable nappies, it has been estimated, 500yrs! We learned a lot, and left thinking we can do more to avoid adding to landfill. May 2nd we will be visiting environmental centre. VIridor, who sponsor the Trust and lease the site to them, awarded High Ham Millennium Wood £500 in 2016, funding the purchase of tree identification lables, 500 native bluebell bulbs, insect hotels, and lots more.

February '18

Ian Wilkinson's excellent talk about his expedition to Peru was both informative and entertaining: his photographs illustrated the story of the journey, conveying the mountainous landscape, the heat and, at times, the exhaustion experienced by Ian and his fellow travellers, and of the 2-day project painting a rural village school.

January '18  The Christmas Lunch at The Black Swan, Langport, was very enjoyable with delicious food accompanied by non-stop conversation. Thanks must go to Margaret Cox for arranging the lunch, and for organising the 2018 meeting programme which was issued at the lunch.