Volunteers wanted for Parish Fingerpost Restoration Project
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

If you want to get involved in a project to preserve our parish's historic cast iron Fingerposts, read on...

Somerset County Council is co-ordinating a project to survey and refurbish all historic Fingerposts within the county. The work involved will be carried out in each participating parish by local volunteers. SCC will provide training for the volunteers to ensure the work is carried out competently and safely. 

High Ham Parish has 10 historic cast iron Fingerposts, most located on small lanes. These signs, along with hundreds located across the county, still remain because SCC, thankfully, ignored advice given in the 1960s to remove them and replace them with modern, standardised road signs. SCC has cared for these

'unofficial highways signs for more than 60 years, but as funding from Government continues to fall, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify spending money on non-mandatory services. Signs such as safety and hazard signs are mandatory, but Fingerposts are still classed as 'nice to have' rather than essential. We continue to value the importance of Fingerposts as part of our county's heritage. We also know there is a great desire form within our local communities to make sure they are preserved.' Councillor John Woodman, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, SCC

As well as being important historic landmarks, our Fingerposts still serve an important function in directing the unfamiliar traveller through the parish's network of lanes. 

If you want to get involved in surveying and/or restoring the parish Fingerposts, please email or phone 01458250130

Fingerpost that used to be sited at the southern end of The Green, High Ham - knocked down by a car.